What’s Your Dream Come True?

What’s Your Dream Come True?

dreamsI believe you should always think about living in your own “Dream Come True” life. Sure, no one can spend all of their time living the dream. After all, who would want to spend more than a year living in the Greek Isles, anyway (yeah, right!).

But you know what makes you happy in life…what you strive to achieve. Because if you don’t know what that dream is, how will you know when you’re living your dream?

I spent few years in the corporate world before I started to dream about building a business. It was always something I always wanted to do. But I was usually so heads down, focused on trying to please my employer and build a life that I didn’t dream in much detail. Back then I only dreamed in black and white.

When my son, Kunal, headed off to school, I started to dream again…this time in Color (green, of course). That dream led me to Corinium Cleaners and to build what I hoped would become the best dry cleaners in Schaumburg and surrounding communities. For that dream to come true, the business would have to be structured MY way…not the way every other dry cleaner around did it. I wanted to create a “Dream Come True” dry cleaning experience for you.

I know that while we aren’t perfect, it’s still my dream to be perfect. And when I hear about an experience that’s less than our standard, I am reminded that the march toward perfection never ends. While I want to believe that I’m moving closer to my dream, that’s not my call.

Can You Help Me?

How close am I to YOUR dream come true dry cleaning experience. It’s important that I know your opinion so I don’t rely only on my view… which might not be reality. So would you please tell me? Things like –

1. Is there something we could do to make your life a little easier?
2. Is there something that we are doing wrong?
3. Is there a service that we could provide that we don’t?
4. What about a service that we provide – but if we did it a little differently, it would be even better for you?
5. Or do you really like something we do…and, if so, what would that be?

Think about this and let me know. Please send me an email (info@coriniumcleaners.com) or go to our web site (on the “Contact Us” page) where you can leave me your perspective on your “dream come true” dry cleaning experience. Thank you for being so special to the entire Corinium Cleaners family!